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My Story

Meet Jeremy, the creative genius and self-taught design maverick behind Lena Design Co. He's the Picasso of pixels, the Da Vinci of websites, and the secret sauce that makes every project uniquely extraordinary. From an early age, Jeremy developed an insatiable love for website and graphics design, often doodling website layouts on his school notebooks when he should have been taking notes. He didn't need a degree to tell him that his true calling was in the world of design.

One fateful day, while juggling a projects with his wife Amanda they realized the glaring gap in the market. Small businesses and projects often found themselves stranded on the deserted island of limited resources, unable to afford the services of large marketing agencies. This realization sparked a fire, a fire that fueled their determination to create Lena Design Co.

Jeremy's journey has been nothing short of an adventure. He's ventured into the realms of non-profits, danced through the bureaucratic jungles of all government levels, and found the hidden treasures in the vast expanse of the private sector. He brought his unique and self-taught design approach to every project, making them shine like a unicorn in a field of horses.

And in 2023, the magic that is Lena Design Co. was recognized on a grand stage. Not with a gold star, but with a shiny, top-40-business-in-2023 award. It's not every day that a design studio becomes one of the elite few businesses that can claim such an honor.

In the world of design, Jeremy is the superhero you never knew you needed. His love for what he does is as infectious as a giggling baby, and his journey from self-taught newbie to award-winning business owner is a testament to the power of passion and determination. So, if you're looking for unique, top-notch design that won't cost you an arm and a leg, Lena Design Co. is the place to be.

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